Monday, February 3, 2014

Making my Utii-kilt

I decided to make a kilt. I wasn't interested in a tartan and I decided on a box-pleat kilt. A knife-pleat kilt seamed like overkill. I bought some khaki duck cloth and laid it out how I thought I'd want it.

I (as usual) didn't bother with a pattern. I more or less visualized what I wanted and went from there.

I cut the fabric leaving the selvage at the bottom. I folded it over and stitched a hem with a double needle. Then I began folding the pleats.

I finished folding the pleats. Stabbing myself at least 45 or 50 times in the fingers with pins. Great fun!

Then I sewed belt loops onto the apron part that I was going to put at the top of the pleats in the back of the kilt.

Then I attached the apron to the top of the pleats. 

I sewed the front panels. I lined the inside panel so I wouldn't have the rough duck cloth rubbing against my, well, you know...

I assembled the front panels to the pleated back

Note the lining on the inside flap below. Reduced chafing!

I'll get better pictures of me in it as soon as I can.

Folded for storage. The stitching across the pleats is to keep them intact until August. I'll pull them before I plan to wear it.

 It still needs buttons and I need to make a "sporrin", but for the most part I'm done building it.

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