Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Generator Maintenance

Just went out to the Shanty to fire up the generator (for the first time in three months) ahead of the blizzard coming this weekend. She wouldn't start... Apparently she doesn't like 17 degree weather any more than I do.

I pulled about 15 times to no avail. Just didn't sound like anything was happening.
I swapped out the spark plug with a brand new one (the current one only has ~ 10 hours on it) just to eliminate that as a cause.
I pulled about 15 times to no avail. Sounded a little better.
I remembered a little valve that Grey showed me.
I found my smallest flat-head screwdriver and opened it up.
After draining about 2 tablespoons of gas out of the bottom of the generator, I realized it was siphoning from the tank, not just draining the carb, I closed the valve again.
I pulled. It sputtered.
I pulled. It sprang to life!
I flipped the choke back, let it run for a few seconds and shut it down.
I swapped back the old plug and fired it up again.

It's been purring for 30 minutes and it's time to shut her down.

I also added a task to my calendar to fire her up once a month to give her the attention she needs.

Now to get the snow-blower working!

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