Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Thermonuclear Device for the Weekend Anarchist

This is just a link to an goofy article that I wrote a lifetime ago and was published on Compuserve and by extension the internet in 1990.

A Thermonuclear Device for the Weekend Anarchist

Since then it has been republished extensively and (amazingly) is still credited to me.

I wrote the article for a creative writing class in college. The assignment was to document step-by-step a process in an engaging manner. Someone wrote about making cupcakes, another about changing oil. As you know (if you know me) I'm a bit "different." Regardless of the fact that this process is bogus and will only kill the person trying to execute it at at least three points in the process; it got an A+++. To this day I believe that  I got that grade because I scared the hell out of my liberal artsy associate professor.

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