Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The USA is not a democracy. Never was.

What's happening in the Supreme Court right now is the ultimate battle of a Representative Republic vs. a Democracy. The USA is NOT a democracy. The founding father's deplored the concept of democracy. I have always liked the adage that a democracy is four wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. We live in a representative republic. A republic lives under the rule of law. A democracy lives under the rule of man.

California had a referendum. They put Proposition 8 up to a POPULAR vote. The people decided. In a completely democratic election Prop 8 won. This is why democracy is broken. When the masses can vote to strip a privilege away from a group of people as they did with Prop 8, what's to stop them from stripping away a right?

The Supreme Court needs to strike down Prop 8. Regardless of what side you are on of the issue, it has nothing to do with gay marriage. It has everything to do with setting the precedent that democracy is DANGEROUS. In a pure democracy no Supreme Court would be needed, or even exist. If the people voted to hang an innocent man because they feel like he's guilty, he hangs. If the people vote to take your house from you because they don't think you deserve it, it's gone.

Our republic stands strong simply because it is not a democracy. If the lynch mob wants to hang you they have to wait for the courts. If the state wants to take your home, there's due process.  

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