Monday, May 26, 2014

Kayak cart

I wanted a kayak cart. Something to carry my kayak around on with little rolling resistance. I wanted it to syand high enough off the ground that I could walk naturally while holding one end of the kayak without the other end of the kayak bumping into the ground.

I sketched out a design. (Incidentally one of my more complete sketches)

Oh, the bike! I needed a bike to use as the wheels and forks for the carrier. A friend of mine found me a tiny little girls bike with 12" rims. Perfect!

I cut the back of the frame off the bike ad pulled out the front fork

So, today I got myself four 4 foot lengths of 1/2" rebar to cut up and weld into the cart. 

First I welded a rectangle.

Added a cradle to hold the boat.

Added some eyes to attach tie downs to.

Then I added the forks

The finished rack. Needs paint, tires and pool noodles.

Paint going on!

Completed cart!

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