Friday, July 18, 2014

Anchor points on my car.

OK, If you don't know me, then you don't know that I'm not terribly concerned with appearances and I really don't give a crap what people think.

I have recently started kayaking pretty regularly. In the beginning I put the kayak on my tiny trailer and dragged it behind the car. This was not a terribly good solution. It bounced around a lot. I decided to put anchor points on my car to hold it on the roof instead.

I started with a soft anchor on the front. I needed somewhere to attach the strap that holds the nose of the kayak pointed straight into the "wind."

I took a length of tie-down webbing and cut a 2' length. I doubled it over and put a grommet in the open end. This fashioned a loop that I could hook a tie down strap into. An elegant solution if I do say so myself.

I had originally intended to pull the bolt that holds the hood latch put the grommeted loop in the blot hole with a fender washer and be done. Unfortunately, when I looked under the hood, I found there was no exposed bolt to do that with. 
Time to improvise. I drilled a hole. I put it where it would have little chance of interfering with any of the workings.

Next came bolt selection. I found the appropriate length bolt a small washer for inside, a large fender washer for outside and a nut.

I put it all together and done! 

Now when I don't need the anchor point, I just open the hood, flip it in and close the hood. I also made a spare loop in case the first fails. It's in the glove box taking up almost no space at all.

Permanent hard anchor points on the roof were a little more involved. 
First I collected the materials. Some swiveled D-Rings (4), Philips head screws and My favorite permanent adhesive... J-B Weld! Love that stuff. 

I marked out where to drill the holes...

Drilled the holes too small and then forced the screws in to make at least something of a tapping for extra bite.

Now my favorite step; I mixed up the J-B Weld and applied it to the back of the D-Ring holders as neatly as possible. I did not want to epoxy the D-Rings so that they can't move.

Finally I placed the D-Rings on the roof, put the clasps over, put a dab of J-B Weld on the screw holes and screwed them down tight.

The rear strap was easy. Just ran it from the handle on the kayak to the safety chain loop on the hitch.

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